Friday, February 1, 2008

We got our water back on this morning. I'm rather embarrassed about this, I generally don't mention it until after the fact, and generally never to my mother. We live in a single wide with minimal insulation in Montana. No matter how much we crank up the stove, the pipes/drains will freeze outside. While *I* realize that running water isn't a necessity of life, oftentimes others, especially others who don't live in a cold climate think that we are total savages.

Hubby's boss lent us what looked to be a jet engine that ran on diesel. We blew it under the trailer, the water wasn't on as of 11 last night when we turned it off to go to bed, but this morning I flipped the breaker and the water came pouring out. As I type this the babe is still asleep due to the lingering 'radiant floor' heating, Dog #2 is barking outside on her tether, dog #3 is frantically running around my feet, no, now Dog #3 is out, and Dog #1 is snorting under the door, but I know he doesn't really want to go outside. I have the dishwasher and the washing machine running, and hubby is on his 60 mile commute to work.

Is it bad that oftentimes I'm jealous of his commute?

I'm returning his guitar today. He had Christmas money and he researched and researched... and they air-mailed him a guitar with a crack in it. The crack is down at the bottom and painted over, but still very noticeable. Obviously something that didn't happen in shipping, I'd really like to know how this passed QA.


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