Monday, February 11, 2008


I co-sleep with our baby. Some call this the family bed, to me it's just normal. We do have a crib ;) Actually, a crib and a port-a-crib, but we didn't set up the big crib. I use the portable one for when I need to keep the babe safe while I do something that she can't be a part of, like getting firwood when there's snow on the ground. Too much danger that I'd fall if she was on my back, so in the 'containment device' she goes.

Anyway, at night, she's taken to sleeping with her foot on me. She juts a leg or both out at a 90 degree angle, just to know I"m there. It's the sweetest thing, I absolutely adore her. I have no doubt that this is keeping my fertility away, which I'm not thrilled about (she still nurses at least once a night), but it just seems to be the *right* thing, so this is what we'll do.

I'm still waiting to 'fall out of love' and get annoyed by her... It hasn't happened yet. I adore every minute with her. Don't get me wrong, some things that she does need to be stopped or trained away (the *shrieking* every time I had something to drink, because she wanted some too, put a damper on my water intake, so that had to stop. But every day, all in all, I enjoy every minute :)


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