Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Going on a trip?

Are you planning a trip soon? Whether it be for business or pleasure, oftentimes a hotel stay is necessary. Why pay more for your hotel room than you have to? With you can save up to 70% and they have a $100 rebate, should you find lower rates! Not traveling in the USA? That's okay, still finds the lowest rates in many countries. You can book online (maybe from your lap top when stuck in a boring meeting) or by calling their 800 number. The web site is easy to use and loads quickly, even if you have a less than stellar Internet connection. They even have airline reservations, rental cars, and vacation homes in their database, so you can search and get the best value for your money.

I searched for a hotel in our small town, a whopping 2000 people, and sure enough they pop up with our little hotel AND save approximately 15%. Not too bad!

They have different toll free numbers for different countries, specialize in group bookings (like if you want to rent out the hotel for a wedding or something, everyone can be on the same floor)

Did you want to travel to Ireland? They can book you a rental! Did you want to travel to Spain? They have access to the best rates there too. Why chance going to a foreign country and trying to figure it out yourself, when a quick stop on a website can pull up all the information you need. Great for those who are budgeting a long international trip and want to see the most destinations for their money! Who would want to pay more than they have to just to sleep in a hotel? Visit and see what they have today!


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