Friday, February 15, 2008


I didn't realize it, but I've made a habit of putting the baby down for her nap after getting some fresh air. I do believe that getting fresh air is beneficial for a person, and sunlight (vit D) too. So unless it's below 10 or so degrees, or the wind is blowing hard, we're out for at least 20 minutes a day to get our 'fix'. And I notice it quite a bit when we miss a few days, due to extreme weather. We're more agitated, restless, and cranky. Mid morning I start to notice that the babe isn't playing happily with her toys. She doesn't want to nurse. She's ready for our walk! And we go on out, check on the chickens, put the dogs up in their kennel, maybe take out the trash. When we're done, she's leaning her head on my back in the Ergo. When I take her out, immediately she asks to nurse (in sign language) and her eyes get sleepy (as I blog LOL). Then I lay her down and do all the fun things like scrubbing the toilet, that I try not to do while she's awake :o)


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