Friday, February 15, 2008

On the agenda

On the agenda today. Since I thought it was TUESDAY and it's actually FRIDAY I have quite a bit of stuff to get done. Now that I'm staying home, I spend my week preparing for the weekend. Before it was flip-flopped, and I spent my weekend preparing for the work week.

Anyway, my plan today is as follows

Think if what we're having to eat when our friends are here on Sunday
Bring in wood
Move the laundry
Load stuff for the dump
Go to the dump
Mail out packages
Swing by grocery store
-bread for french toast (I don't like homemade bread for that, is that pathetic?)
Lunch- we'll have pan burritos from last night
Babe down for a nap
Move the laundry some more
Click on PayPerPost Open Opportunities 97 times (I hit refresh every time I walk by the computer)
Tame my fabric explosion in my closet
Sweep/wash the kitchen floor
Dinner will be.... French toast


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