Friday, February 15, 2008

I woke up this morning

Thinking it was Tuesday. Maybe Wednesday, but most likely Tuesday. What is it? It's FRIDAY. I stopped working at my 'regular' transcription job about a month back. And whoever said that the days are slow when you have little kids is sooo wrong! My days fly by. On the days that the babe sleeps past the alarm, I'll hear her wake and think it's about 7:00. No, often it's 8:30 or later! Then we're off and running, and before I know it she's acting clingy and tired, so we take a walk outside and put the dogs up in the garden. Nothing worse than getting the baby down for a nap only to have the mail man come up and make all the dogs bark and wake her up. But she's gotten enough sleep that she doesn't want to go back down but is still crabby. Anyway, after we do that nap, I get quite a bit done during nap time, then she's awake again, we get something to eat, and before I know it Daddy will be home in an hour! And it's a mad rush to clean up!


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