Thursday, February 14, 2008

Paintball anyone?

My brother loves paintball. My husband likes it too, he played with his high school buddies for years, until we moved out of the area The setup can get pricey. Paintball gun packages are a good way to get the whole setup at a good price.

My hubby's favorite place to play paintball is out in the forest, using natural land features as cover. While paintball isn't necessarily a 'clean' sport, it is good clean fun for the family, especially those with testosterone-filled guys who need an outlet. Moms, when you're wondering what's good about guys running around pretending to shoot each other, remember that we would rather *know where they are* and keep them busy. Paintball has other benefits than just fun, it's great for the mind. Paintballers must create strategics to win. It's also good exercise, running around in the outdoors. Of all the hobbies that my family members have, paintballing really is one of the best, I think.

When you are checking around to buy paintball equipment, be sure to check - They have the most competative prices and FREE shipping, which rocks, because this stuff is kinda heavy and bulky.


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