Sunday, December 20, 2009

German Shepherd Puppies are the Cutest!

When you're looking for a dog, what kind do you go for? Before, we've just gotten border collie mixes since they're so common in the Montana area.  We do really like the way German Shepherd dogs are easy to train and are nice fit healthy breeds.  I've found that dogs of different breeds can vary wildly in temperament, intelligence, and health.  Some dogs seem to have been over bred to the point where they have many health problems.  Great Danes, for instance, have a shorter life span than most dogs.  German Shepherds are one of the nice dog breeds for a family to have, since they're pretty easy to train, loyal, and healthy. 

When looking for a puppy, it's good to see that they're friendly, interact well with their littermates, are clean and well taken care of, are old enough to be taken away from their mother. 

Puppies are fun to play with, my puppies have always liked playing fetch, playing with Kong toys, playing tug of war with different ropes, and some dogs take to frisbee and tennis balls as well.  I like to get them little collars, as well as a Halti to train them on a leash.  We give them their own food and water bowls and keep meal times consistent. Bedtime is also something that has to be worked on when they first come home, we choose to crate-train our new puppies and they always seem to really enjoy it.


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