Friday, February 8, 2008

Statement of faith

I believe..

I believe God made the world in 6 days

I believe God created man in His image

I believe God created woman out of man, to be his helper

I believe God breathed into the animals the breath of life

I believe that there was a fall in the garden of Eden, and because of that, there was separation between man and God.

I believe there was a flood...

I believe it covered the whole world.

I believe the world is right around 6000 years old

I believe that God sent Jesus as a perfect man to fulfill the law and wipe away our sins, should we believe in Him

I believe that Jesus is Lord

I believe that children are blessings

I believe that murder is wrong

I believe that it is the burden of the church, not the state, to provide for those in need

I believe that the Bible is the true inspired word of God


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