Monday, February 11, 2008


Looking for perfume bay? It's right here. Come look at their unique variety of new perfumes, hard to find favorites, and scents for men and women. The look of the site is clean and welcoming, easy to navigate. I enjoy shopping on sites set up like this, they are descriptive and easy to navigate.

I'm not one to try different perfumes often, but when I do I go for high quality and don't mind paying a little more. The price per ounce is high, but higher priced perfumes often use higher quality ingredients. I try to find one that has good reviews online and is high in natural ingredients. essential oils are preferred to synthetic fragrance oils, fragrance oils tend to degrade and smell different over time.

When testing perfume bay perfume, be sure to smell it as it first goes on, smell it again 10 or so minutes later, and again a couple hours later, as your body chemistry reacts with it the scent will change. I've found Sand and Sable to be the best for my body chemistry, as well as Stila's Lilly of the Valley.

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