Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Online Shopping/ Packing the diaper bag

It's a theme one... Online shopping- Etsy is my favorite online shopping place, behind Amazon ;) We go to Amazon sometimes just for the reviews, and then acutally buy the book/DVD/whatever somewhere else. Their reviews rock!

Works for me... I had a great idea last week. Hey! I should remember to actually post that on a Wednesday! LOL And now, Wednesday morning, I can't remember it.

Oh, this was it. When we receive an outfit from... someone... that we're not quite thrilled with, we keep it in the diaper bag. We happen to receive like 6-piece sets (hat, 2 shirts, 2 pants, socks) from people, so it's easy to remember that that particular color/pattern goes right into the diaper bag from the laundry.

That way I don't have to *think* before we leave. I know that outfit's in there just in case, and it's not banishing an outfit I love to the diaper bag just so I have *something* just in case.


Heart of Wisdom February 6, 2008 at 9:10 AM  

I do the same thing with Amazon reviews for everything. Even kitchen stuff.

I completely forgot about the shopping theme this week. My WFMW is 16 uses for vinegar on my homemaking blog.

I need a WFMW tip on keeping up themes. :)


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