Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Online Trivia

online trivia games

Online Trivia games are popular among everyone. They inspire friendly competition and provoke us to keep our minds sharp! As a stay at home mom, sometimes I crave adult interaction and using my brain for a little more than one more round of 'good night moon'. An online trivia game show would be perfect! Let's face it, a lot of the websites geared to moms revolve around complaining about our kids, competition, and bad mouthing other moms. A much better solution is to go to something that is completely removed from our 'mommy' world and stimulates our minds! It's like a mile jog for the brain, and it's fun too!

Senior Citizens also can benefit from such online trivia games. They don't have to depend on someone else to drive them, or leave the house themselves, to interact with others. A win-win situation for many.

247trivia.com Brings the Thrill of TV Game Shows to the Internet

Trivia game-shows are a huge hit on TV. Now they are arriving on the Internet in a big way. Leading this trend, 247trivia.com lets its members participate in online game shows and win cash prizes.

With trivia game shows on TV being viewed by huge audiences worldwide, it is little surprise that online trivia games are emerging as a big trend on the internet. Several new websites are being launched every month and all of them seem to be gaining ground rapidly, leading industry observers to predict that online trivia games may well enjoy high growth rates for years to come.

247trivia, a pioneer in the field of game shows on the Internet, is leading this trend by offering its members online trivia games that simulate a game show experience. The flash games include captivating game-showesque graphics and music scores and have players from around the world meet and compete in different categories of knowledge. To make the game show atmosphere complete, the site is now offering cash prizes in daily tournaments, so players can win money like on TV game shows.

Many trivia fans who love to watch trivia game shows on television are discovering that they no longer need to be just spectators; they can be the contestants in sites like 247trivia.

"I can't believe how addictive these games are," says Jennifer Davis, a trivia player on 247trivia.com. "And I keep meeting many other regular players who seem to log on as much as I do. I love watching Jeopardy on TV, but here I am actually playing and even winning money."

247trivia holds several daily tournaments with free entry and cash prizes, as well as a weekly Grand Slam tournament with prizes that grow as more players join to play. Players can also win money in cash games in which they pay an entry fee to join the game, and the winner takes the whole pot, minus the website's facilitating fee.

"Online trivia games have been around for years, but in recent months there has been a big surge of interest and our community of trivia lovers is growing very rapidly. We are trying to keep everyone happy with new games and special offers as well. Whenever we ask our players what kind of promotion they would appreciate the most, they ask for more Freeroll tournaments, and we are happy to oblige with several new tournaments added in the past month," says Nick Roberts, 247trivia's community manager. "But we also like to offer promotions with an added value. Last month, for example, we cooperated with another website in a promotion in which we balanced out the paper used in the books read by our leading players by planting trees in under-developed countries," Roberts added.

The selection of games in 247trivia includes upfront multi-player trivia quiz game-shows as well as more sophisticated trivia games that require strategy and thinking and not just good trivia skills. There are also different games for sports trivia and entertainment trivia with different graphics and rules that are suited for lovers of these special categories.

To experience the thrill of a game show on the internet, visit our website at www.247trivia.com.

247trivia.com is the leading online trivia games site on the internet, with tens of thousands of players in its rapidly growing community of trivia lovers, 247trivia offers its players non-stop trivia games online with the best flash based multiplayer trivia games that offer a real game-show experience.



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