Monday, March 10, 2008

Good Prices on Outdoor Gear

Discount Luggage and Backpacks

During the long Montana winters we most look forward to going outside and visiting the outdoors. From spring til fall, that's where we are- outside! When backpacking or even just going for a day hike, having the right equipment makes or breaks the day. With Discount Luggage and Backpacks it's easy to find the backpack or day pack you need at a price that still leaves room for the tank of gas it takes to get to the wilderness.

Look for Discount Luggage and Backpacks today and be prepared for the glorious spring days ahead.

If you're looking for great vacation or hiking spots in Montana, here are a few:

Yellowstone (watch for bears!)
Mystic Lake (moderate hike, hubby had no problem, I found it steep)
The Beartooth Mountains between Montana and Wyoming (beautiful streams and fishing spots)


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