Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Montana WIC

I signed up for WIC. My mom would be horrified that I'm on 'public assistance' but the numbers in our budget just don't add up, and I refuse to put the little one in daycare to pay for our past mistakes (credit card debt). And a good $150+ is being taken out of my hubby's paycheck every pay period, so I don't mind taking a little back.

Oh. My. The. Milk.

The little one and I both are allergic to cow's milk. I figured that since I told them this they'd just give us cheese or something. No. They gave us quarts and quarts of goat's milk. And I didn't even qualify, they were able to give her goat's milk without a 'prescription' but not me. I got that later that day, and I'll bring it by next month.

So, just for her, they gave us checks for 24 quarts of goat's milk! I bought 16, and I have most of it in the freezer. They gave us 2 lbs of cheese, 7 containers of juice concentrate, 2 lbs of beans, 36 eggs, and 3 boxes of cereal. I'm going to see next time if I can trade some of the milk for beans. She's still breastfed, and I told them that as long as I have milk (human milk, in my boobies) I'll be nursing her, as human milk for human babies is superior to goat milk for human babies. And beans are cheaper for them anyway. We cook and eat a lot of beans, and could use easily 10-20 lbs a month.

We'll see. I'm not complaining. And for the record, if I have the chance to vote for or against WIC or any other type of public assistance, I vote against it (I don't believe that is the government's job to redistribute the wealth or food). But as long as they're taking so much out of my hubby's check, we'll go ahead and use what we qualify for.


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