Friday, May 1, 2009

Skin Care

How do you keep looking your best? We know to keep out of the sun to reduce wrinkles and sun spots, but if those are already happening, visit North Scottsdale Laser. Especially in warm Arizona, it's hard to stay out of that glorious sun. So if you have some skin issues, especially on your face, that you would like evaluated, seeking professional skin care can be your answer. Choose a professional clinic that is focused on safety and you, the customer. When I was on the swim team in Jr High and High School, I seriously considered getting lasar hair removal. I had a friend who got her leg hair removed and it was pretty neat. No more daily shaving, especially in the rash prone bikini area. I never did it, but I think if I had my husband certainly wouldn't complain! As a busy mom, it's rare that I get both legs shaved at the same time...


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