Thursday, May 21, 2009

Budgeting and shopping

Since we're doing 'the envelope system' (the old fashioned tried and true method where you keep your grocery, clothing, etc money in plain envelopes to physically limit your spending) shopping yesterday was good. It's good to watch the envelope get thinner :) One thing that I forgot, though, was to bring the clothing and Tracphone envelopes, both of which I needed. I did have money in checking, though, and my ATM card, so I used the debit card and kept the receipt. Then I have an envelope at home that's 'checking' that I re-imbursed with the designated money; 10 from the phone envelope for a new phone, and 65 for the socks, insoles, PJs and kid's shoes that I bought. Not ideal, but my best solution for forgetting envelopes ;)


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