Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Myspace and Facebook

Sometimes I'll cruise Myspace or Facebook as I'm nursing the babe late at night. Or early in the morning. Or waiting to add one last log of wood on the fire before going to bed..

It's funny to see *who* is on there. I've found it's mostly the 'popular' kids in high school. The prom queen from when I was a sophomore is the leader of our high school 'group' on facebook. I just find it ironic. Lots of cleavage-showing pictures, kissy faces, and tons of makeup. My profile pic is of me with Babe on my back ;)

And I can learn more about my lil bro (who hasn't seen me since we moved out of California to Montana!) via his girlfriend's myspace profile than anything else. I laugh and roll my eyes. He's still a good kid, I'm sure, but it's just amusing to see him there.


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