Sunday, October 7, 2007


On my to-do list is butchering 3 or 4 roosters. Encouraging, isn't that? I've gotten specific instructions from my friend, Nicole, that I'll post, should any of you need that information. Waiting for a weekend when the temp is above freezing, then I'll go at it, I think. Having to feed 7 chickens, and only 3 of them actually laying eggs (due to the other 4 being male) isn't very cost effective. Hmm.

just hang them upside down and take a razor blade to the side of their neck while holding the skin of the neck tight towards the back. Hold the back of their head, tilt the head up and the will bleed out nicely. After they have stopped moving you can let the head go and do something else for a few minutes. (I put a bucket down to catch the blood and then pour it into the garden.) I do this instead of take the whole head clean off because the blood comes all out nicer this way, and the meat is nicer that way.
Then you dunk into hot (not boiling) water to loosen the feathers, pluck them off. (again in the compost pile or buried in the garden for nitrogen.) Then to the gutting. There are pictures online if you look up how to butcher a chicken. It is not difficult, Then you wrap the dressed chicken in plastic wrap or a gallon sized baggie and refrigerate for three days. This helps rigor mortis finish it's process so that the bird will be more tender and less stringy. They are tasty, and have a much nicer firm texture than store bought.


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