Wednesday, January 2, 2008


We went to a wedding this weekend and had an absolute blast. The couple was a couple that had grown up together, which is always fun to see. The bride was the sister of my best friend, and I'd only met her once. My poor husband was wondering what on EARTH we were driving halfway across Montana to go to a wedding of a person I'd only met once and he'd never met, but it turned out to be a great growing experience.

The couple sent us their wedding invitation months ago with their picture on it, requesting our presence. I tend to wonder if they mostly wanted to see my sweet baby, but hey, at least we got invited too. We hemmed and hawed about RSVPing, because if it gets too cold we can't leave home or the pipes freeze. I can't wait until we build a home with insulation and a thermostat! Right now we have wood heat only, but occasionally use an electric heater in the back of the house when it gets below 0 degrees F.

We RSVP'd and said most likely yes. It brought back memories of planning my own wedding, back 4 years ago. We were a little different than modern America; I was married straight from my parent's home at age 20, never having lived on my own. My mom and I designed our wedding invitations online and had them printed, which certainly is a modern thing. We also ordered custom wedding announcements online. My mom mostly did the planning for my wedding, and it went well. It was exactly what she had in mind ~smirk~ and was the wedding of her dreams. It left something to be desired for myself and my hubby, but overall it got the job done.


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