Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Oh, in the middle of winter, what's more exciting than planning a summer vacation? Second best, I suppose, to darting off to some romantic tropical island :o)

american motor homes

Come check out american motor homes and see if one is right for you. My parents, who live in California, are planning a visit over here in Montana this summer. My dad recently re-did his motor home and may be towing it with his truck out here. It's a 25 hour drive, and I have a feeling if he does decide to drive my mom will fly in and meet us in Billings, but once they're both retired they plan on doing lots of sight seeing. The drive from California to Montana isn't difficult. There are a few different ways you can go, we did all of them I think in our move out here.

My favorite way was to go north through California, then through Oregon and Washington, and over through Idaho and then to Montana. It takes a little bit longer, but it’s much nicer than the other route of California-Nevada-Utah-Idaho-Montana

I think if we ever have an RV we’ll take it out to the forest in a remote area of Montana, maybe north western Montana, and do a week or two of fishing, hiking, and swimming. I grew up tent camping, and while I suppose that was okay for my parents, I really would appreciate being able to sleep off the ground, have a small area to cook in, and a place to get out of the weather, as we often seem to end up camping when the only snowstorm in June hits ;)

Overall, though, camping is a great memory building time for the entire family, and it’s also nice because you can bring along your pets- no need to find a pet sitter or babysitter.

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